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Zoe Espresso Machine

Zoe Espresso Machine

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Found in thousands of pubs, bakeries and cafes all over the country this is THE perfect entry-level commercial espresso machine. A solid performer which not only looks amazing on your counter but has a clear shot timer on each group to ensure you can reliably pump out consistently great coffee.

Take away the guesswork

With shot timers on each group, baristas can see the actual time that the machine is taking to produce every shot espresso. This enables more control over the taste of coffee than any other machine in its class.

Consistent espresso every time

Its activated electronic preinfusion will even out any inconsistencies in your puck of coffee giving you excellent control over the extraction process and overall clarity.

Get the very best from your coffee

Engineered for great tasting coffee she may be small but this machine is making waves in the industry. Price, size, capacity and function – the Zoe Vision has you covered!

Automatic Cleaning Cycle

Process for the automatic cleaning of the coffee groups

Double Reading Gauge

Allows you to control the boiler pressure and the distribution pressure at the same time.

Electronic auto-level

Through an electronic level probe the boiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level.

LED Lighting of the working area

Allows efficient working in any condition of environmental lighting.

Programmable Electronic Pre-infusion

Allows control with 0.1 second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed with programming of 4 different profiles for each group.

Shot timer

to accurately and reliably time coffee extraction.

Tall Version

Tall version available.

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