Minimalist and powerful, the A300 is our most compact coffee machine.
We designed it to fit anywhere – even in small restaurants, boutique hotels or
the workplace. Equipped with our FoamMasterTM milk system and the automatic
cleaning system EasyClean, this premium fully automatic coffee machine
provides unforgettable coffee moments with a wide range of beverages.
You can rely on it: The A300 delivers high in-cup quality. Because space should
never get in the way of a good cup of coffee.
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Whether you’re serving coffee in a specialty coffee shop, a hotel or a restaurant, the
A400 can handle every situation with ease.
This compact but premium coffee machine comes with an automatic cleaning system
and interactive touch screen which can be configured to your needs. Thus, it is easy to
operate for everyone who uses it.
And with options like our FoamMaster™ allowing you to prepare the perfect hot or cold
foam, you can create a wide range of drinks that go above and beyond expectations.
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Be it thirsty customers storming into a cafe or hotel guests who prefer making their
own coffee, the A600 can handle large groups of customers while producing a wide
variety of premium drinks.
Featuring optional technologies like iQFlow™ and FoamMaster™ – alongside our
easy-to-use interactive touch screen – both baristas and customers can make any
coffee they wish: with a machine that knows how to get the most out of its coffee beans.
Opt to include the fully automatic cleaning system, and you can be sure your A600
meets the strictest hygiene standards – giving you more time to focus on providing
the best customer service possible.
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Hundreds of different coffee orders, each and every one made to the same
high standard? It’s easy with the A800, whose large, intuitive touch screen can
be configured to your expectations, providing full flexibility for everyone in your
team who uses it.
Add the integrated FoamMaster™ and optional iQFlow™ – as well as the choice
of three coffee bean varieties – and make every customer experience unique and
memorable. And, thanks to its three-boiler system, the A800 is the ultimate multitasker:
preparing coffee for one customer, making a cup of tea for another and foaming milk.
All at once, enabling your staff to serve customers promptly and continuously.
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Whatever coffee beverage your discerning customers crave, the A1000 delivers it in
the finest quality. Coffee, milk foam, aroma. This fully automatic all-rounder combines
our extensive expertise, experience, and innovative spirit to prepare large quantities
of coffee and milk drinks of all kinds.
With integrated features like FoamMaster™ and iQFlow™, the possibilities are endless.
And with the optional Flavor Station, you can select from a range of six flavors for
aromatized beverages. The large, individually configurable touch screen provides
maximum flexibility and ease of operation. Additionally, the integrated fully automatic
CleanMaster cleaning system ensures perfect hygiene.
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The SB1200 offers maximum choice and modularity, fitting into any customer
environment. And for even greater flexibility, the SB1200 is available as Twin solution
to double your capacity. Featuring a vast variety of beverages – from espresso-based drinks to iced coffee, cold brew, and flavored drinks – the SB1200 presents an exciting opportunity to exceed customer expectations and boost your business.
Unique to Franke, the Specialty Beverage Station SB1200 allows that beverages
with dairy milk and vegan alternatives can be produced guaranteed free of cross contamination with our individualMilk Technology. Our state-of-the-art iQFlow™
technology is integrated as a standard feature and the SB1200’s intuitive 12.1” touch
screen enables your customers to quickly and easily serve themselves delicious hot and cold beverages on demand. All this is further enhanced with the fully automatic CleanMaster cleaning system, designed to ensure optimal hygiene
with minimum effort
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Optional Extras

At Franke, we’re unwavering in our pursuit of crafting
unique solutions and services that empower you to
consistently create quality coffee moments that aren’t
just remembered, they’re personal.
Moments you’d want to experience again.
And again.
That’s why our promise can be distilled into a single cup
of coffee: the next one. To us, that’s always the one that
matters the most. Because if it’s consistent in quality and
taste, we promise it’ll work wonders for your business.
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