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Sanremo Opera 2.0 Espresso Machine

Sanremo Opera 2.0 Espresso Machine

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Designed by an international team of world-leading baristas the Opera 2.0 commercial espresso machine boasts unchallenged technological advances and makes a stunning focal point for any coffee bar or roastery.  Specifically developed to make it easy for speciality coffee shops to showcase multi offerings and deliver good volumes of precision coffee.

This technology also delivers outstanding energy efficiency performance, making the Opera 2 a clear environmentally-friendly market leader.


  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle: Facilitates automatic cleaning of the coffee groups, ensuring optimal hygiene.
  • Auto Diagnosis: Allows maintenance scheduling based on dispensed litres or number of coffees.
  • Auto-on/off: Programmable timer for daily on-off cycles, enhancing convenience.
  • CDS System: Provides precise control over the three phases of coffee extraction.
  • Coffee Unit Single Display: Enables control of all coffee extraction parameters from a single interface.
  • Competition Filters: Exclusive design captures the best coffee aromas and flavors.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: Features anti-burning technology for safe and prolonged use.
  • Easy Access: Provides fast access to internal parts for quick technical service.
  • Energy Saving System: Insulation and smart energy management save up to 30% of energy.
  • Gear Pumps: Dedicated to each group, allowing pressure adjustment during infusion.
  • Independent Regulation of Coffee Water Temperature: Ensures precise and consistent distribution.
  • Mixed Infusion Hot Water: Immediate mixing of cold/hot water for improved quality.
  • Multi-function Display: Allows precise control of water flow and programming of profiles.
  • Opera IST (Optional): Integrated dual scales system for perfect coffee results.
  • Programmable Cup Warmer: Keeps cups at optimum temperature in various conditions.
  • Stainless Steel Groups: Ensures exceptional thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.
  • Stainless Steel Free Motion Steam Taps: Flexible control system for steam production.
  • Steam Control Adjustable Electronic Pressure Switch: Maintains chosen pressure with precision.
  • Steam Boiler Display: Indicates steam boiler pressure and temperature.
  • System Display: Provides visibility of all machine functions, including temperatures and pressures.
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