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Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine

Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine

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Introducing the Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine: Engineered for precision and performance, this machine offers an array of features to elevate your coffee experience. From the Automatic Cleaning Cycle to the Cool Touch Steam Wands, each detail is designed for efficiency and quality. With its Energy Saving System and High-Performance Volumetric Pump, it ensures optimal operation while saving energy. Experience real-time stability, independent regulation of water temperature, and LED lighting for efficient workflow. The Sanremo Verona RS is the epitome of innovation in espresso technology.


  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle: Ensures hassle-free maintenance by automating the cleaning process for the coffee groups.
  • Auto-on/off: Features a programmable timer for convenient scheduling of on-off cycles, tailored to daily routines.
  • Competition Filters: Utilizes Sanremo's exclusive design to capture the finest coffee aromas and flavors, enhancing the brewing experience.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: Equipped with anti-burning technology for safe use, even during extended periods, with high-performance steam terminals for creating latte art.
  • Double Reading Gauge: Enables simultaneous monitoring of boiler and distribution pressure, providing comprehensive control.
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